Is November 29 a day to celebrate?

By Caroline Glick
November 27, 2007

Unfortunately, rather than recognize the actual legal foundation of Israel and though it, its own rights to Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, Israel acts as though its legitimate boundaries were determined by the UN Security Council. Its misplaced gratitude to the UN has caused successive Israeli government's to ignore and downplay the UN's mistreatment of Israel.

For the past 40 years, far from living up to Israel's high opinion of it, the UN has been the primary engine behind the campaign to deny Israel's right to exist. The UN has relegated Israel to the status of second class citizen that suffers from systematic discrimination throughout the UN system. The UN's unfair treatment of Israel places the UN in violation of its own charter's assertion that all states must be treated equally. And indeed, it has corrupted the organization beyond repair.